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Big or small, popcorn only or a complete store with popcorn, candy, soda and gifts we can help.  We offer a variety of Consulting Programs with NO FRANCHISE fees and NO ROYALTIES.  We will assist you with selecting your location and provide you with store layouts and pictures.  We will also assist with equipment selection as there are several different manufactuers available.  We will also work to get you discounts on equipment to help off set some of my fees.  Complete the Contact form and we email you information about our consulting.   Be cautious who you choose as a consultant, as there are many copy cat popcorn people out there with little to no experience.  Some questions to ask them, is how long have you been in the popcorn business, what are your sales like, what type of machines do you train on, how did you learn all the ins and outs of the Gourmet Popcorn business?

I have over 28 years experience in the Popcorn Industry.  When you train with us, you will learn and work our Retail area, and become Chef of our kitchen.  You will learn all about the commercial poppers, how to make all the delicious Goumet Cheeses, train on two different Manufacturers Coating machines, and last but not least, you will learn how to make Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn.  You will be provided with a Training Manual that contains up to 70 recipes, all of our Vendor and Supplier contacts, and much more.   Since 1994, I have trained over 72 stores in the United States and 6 more in foreigh countries.

For more information, call me, Craig at 972-772-4646 or Email us at or use the Contact form for more information about our exciting business opportunity to own and operate your own Gourmet Popcorn business.

This is our Rockwall, TX store with a population of just over 36K, we opened in 2011 at 1980 sq feet.  We recently expanded to over 3100 sq feet due to increase in business. With the expansion of space we were able to extend our bulk and packaged candies to go along with our famous Gourmet Popcorn.  We also sell a full line of sodas in glass bottles, as well as, College and Professional sports gift items.   

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