Craig Johnson considered the Popcorn Expert by many.

My name is Craig Johnson, along with my wife, Theresa, we own and operate Popcorn Papa and have been producing Gourmet Popcorn since 1989.  We built Popcorn Papa into a small chain of three highly successful stores before I decided to do consulting full time.  This should be a major consideration when looking for a consultant in the industry.  We sold two of our stores making a substantial profit on each and kept our Rockwall store as a training store. The Rockwall store is equipped with a large kitchen and has two different Manufacture's coating machines.  Training on the different machines will assist in you determining which is the best fit for your store.  We also work to get you discounts on equipment to help off set some of my fees.  We have raised our four children and now raising our four grandchildren in the popcorn business.  We love to keep the business in the family and is a perfect reason to own your own small business.

A little about myself, I am a farm boy from Montana who graduated college there and then left for warmer climates.  I went to work for Tandy Corp and soon became a Store manager, then a Regional manger, then quickly became tired of the Corporate life.  I decided to to forgo the Corporate life and all of its demands a decision I have never regreted.  I constantly change and update my recipes to keep my customers happy and coming back.  I share everything I can to help people become a success on there own.   My first consulting was in 1994 in Japan and then shortly after that a store in Colorado.  This convinced me that I really enjoy helping people become successful and changing there lives.  Currently I have consulted with 72 plus stores in the United States and 6 stores in foriegn countries.

Meet my wife Theresa, she is the love of my life, my partner in our business, the mother to our four children, and Gigi to our four grandchildren.  Theresa popped into the business in 1994, after 15 years in the banking industry.  Theresa, our daughter Lacie and a great staff operate the store which allows me to pursue my Consulting and assist previous and future clients full time.